Wait to Bounce Back? Or Shift and Adapt Now?

I just finished my steaming hot bowl of my super favorite Yushoken ramen that I prepared by myself, …

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Yes, Foreigners can own ‘Landed Properties’

You read it right, foreigners can own ‘landed properties’ in the Philippines. …

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4 Most important things to consider in Real estate investing

Most of us may have forgotten a lot of things that we have done in the past but almost everyone reme…

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What to keep and What to flip

Real estate is a long-term investment and you should be prepared to keep this long term commitment. …

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The strongest influence in property values

We are all familiar with the old adage about Location, location, location being the most important f…

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There is an old adage in real estate that says, “know where the people are going and get there fir…

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What steps should I take before I buy any real property?

Our economy has been growing steadily for the past years despite some political noise.…

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You do not need to have millions to be an investor

Most people usually associate the term “Investor” only to the very rich and highly educated indi…

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What is the best property for you?

A very basic question that somehow so many people actually fail to ask themselves first before signi…

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Sell your unit fast(er)

The good news is that more and more property owners in the Philippines are getting enlightened with …

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